1. New York City

From the recording Radio Dial

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New York City

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Drums, Background Vocals - Joel Arnow
Bass - David Dawda
Background Vocals - Myles Turney
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Baritone Guitar, Banjo, Glockenspiel - Austin Nevins
Piano, Vibraphone, Organ, Rhodes - Sam Kassirer
Vocals, Acoustic Guitar - Jason Myles Goss

Copyright 2012, Jeswaldo Sounds (ASCAP)


To the queen of the avenue, to every daughter of the dark
For the lost and the lonely kissing strangers in the park
You left your heart in this city
You traced your name with a mascara pen

With your wrecking ball hands and your wrecking ball mind
To every wreck waltzing slow in a place hard to find
Where the drinks are expensive
But the company is always cheap

For every basket case lost in the crowd
Who knew that loneliness could ever be so loud

Where every face is fleeced with the lost and deceased
Won't you sing me to sleep in New York City

You hide your secrets and your sadness in the corners of your mouth
And like a love seat on a sidewalk with its guts busted out,
You're just one more relic lost and forgotten at the bottom of the pile

You run from every shadow and you hide from every lamp
You're a gossip and a liar, You're a hero and a tramp
You're just one more ragged heart that never ever wants to grow old

For every poet, politician, and thief
Who leaves you hanging on by the skin of your teeth

Where every dream will die, and only children ask why
Won't you kiss me goodbye in New York City

You're a story we all hide in
Like a spark inside a diamond
Born out of pressure and heat
Down some dark and dirty street
You're a dream I never had
You're a love I'll never know

Don't the streets look bright across the river tonight
Won't you please hold me tight in New York City

In New York City