1. Hospital Shirt

From the recording Radio Dial

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Hospital Shirt

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Acoustic Guitar, Vocals - Jason Myles Goss

Copyright 2012, Jeswaldo Sounds (ASCAP)


I know you think I look handsome in my hospital shirt
I got this tube in my arm but I swear it don't hurt
If they send me more flowers I'm 'a lose my cool
I may be bone-rail skinny but I ain't no fool

Well maybe love will never bring you what you wanted it to
I keep on looking in the mirror for a clearer view
I got a hand full of nothing that I'm throwing at the world
And it's a Hail Mary pass, its the hardest I've hurled

In a high speed chase I am a getaway car
And like the Sundance Kid I always push it too far
I'll turn the tables on these bastards in the blink of an eye
I may be stuck in this bed but I'm a stand-up guy

It don't get me down, stop your crying won't you mama
'Cause you know, I'm gonna be around
And you know nothing's gonna happen to me
'Cause there's never been a sun that ever faded down on the streets of L.A.
I'm not going to be the one, so so sick of this town anyway

Well this medicine's a bitch, it ain't no walk in the park
Hell, any more of this stuff I'll probably glow in the dark
You better move that wheel chair, I'm walking down this hall
If I have strength enough to stand, I have strength enough to fall

Every nerve in my body feels pale and cold
I used to fight to stay young, now I'm fighting to grow old
And I know your heart is heavy, 'cause it's you that I'm needing
I know, its hard to soldier though love when you're already bleeding

I'm an ace in the pocket of this devilish game
I'm the sound of the traffic and the nights full of pain
And like a bruised-up welterweight fighting like hell
I'm gonna take your best punches and be standing at the bell

I know you think I look handsome in my hospital shirt