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Chocolate Croissant

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Acoustic Guitar, Vocals - Jason Myles Goss
Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Banjo - Austin Nevins
Upright Bass - David Dawda

Copyright 2012, Jeswaldo Sounds (ASCAP)


Two dollar fifty for a chocolate croissant
I've got no money but its all I want
I got to get one before they're gone
Two dollar fifty for a chocolate croissant

Because walking by this bakery
Has a way of making me
want to love you, just a little bit more

These streets are crowded with music halls
With rock-n-rollers in bathroom stalls
It looks like a warehouse of Lou Reed dolls
Complete with accessories and minus the balls

'Cause its not how bad you want it, babe
Its just sad the way you flaunt it, hey
to make them love you, just a little bit more

Now everyone can see you up there, selling everything you love
You eat your soul to feed your belly, I need chocolate and the jelly, that's what stars are made of

Oh Its all sugar baby don't you know
Oh sugar sugar makes the good things grow
And every stage is just a shop window
And this one's fresh out of the oven, desperate for your loving

Oh honey honey
Sugar sugar, honey honey
Sugar sugar, money money