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From the recording Radio Dial

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Drums - Joel Arnow
Bass - David Dawda
Organ, Piano - Sam Kassirer
Electric Guitar, Baritone Guitar, Lap Steel - Austin Nevins
Acoustic Guitar, Electric Rhythm Guitar, Vocals - Jason Myles Goss

Copyright 2012, Jeswaldo Sounds (ASCAP)


I saw your picture on a radio dial
You were so young, you were so free and wild
You had a habit of just letting go
A special gravity I'll never know

I was staring out the window on the passenger side
I was dreaming of you dancing with your arms out wide
I've got nothing in my pockets I've got nothing to hide
Now honey I'm gonna love you 'til the day that I die

You kissed me once and now I'll never go
I was just a kid without a thing to show
I was so nervous when you took my hand
The city streets were ringing out like a marching band

I was sick when you met me and you never asked why
Felt like I'd been walking through a storm without a place to dry
You took me in your arms and you never let me go
Now honey I'm going to love you every way that I know

You were the voice and you were the sound
And I was raised in a factory town
And all I wanted was to always be true
To say what I mean and to do what I do

I wish nothing in the world could ever take this away
You know lately I've been learning I ain't got time to wait
So I'll be leaving soon but I'll never be far
Because my heart is where my home is, and home is what you are