1. Lion's Mouth

From the recording Radio Dial

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Lion's Mouth

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Drums - Joel Arnow
Bass - David Dawda
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Baritone Guitar, Lap Steel, Banjo - Austin Nevins
Acoustic Guitar, Vocals - Jason Myles Goss

Copyright 2012, Jeswaldo Sounds (ASCAP)


I'm just a footman stealing across your lawn
Looking in the windows trying to see just where you've gone
I've come from down the road, but the road is long
Now I'm back on that road wondering where I went wrong

A flash full of color and a violent cloud of dust
Capillaries breaking out of fear and out of lust
You can see everything in a man's eyes if you must
Two oil-soaked rags just dying to combust

Can you see the sky aglow
Hear the rumbling of the ground below
Oh once you've grabbed a lion by his mouth
It's hard to let him go

Dreaming of the streets of the town where I was born
Of the factory fires and cries of labor reform
Men made of war with a thousand faces forlorn
A white-knuckle winter and a family trying to keep warm

I'm marching for the violence and I'm marching for the love
I take the road to your window, your the face i've been dreaming of
Ten thousand ways this world can be unkind
Ten thousand roads that will lead you back to mine

Can you see the moon hanging low
Feel the turning in your guts sharp and slow
Oh once you've grabbed a lion by his mouth
It's hard to let him go
It's hard to let him go

Copyright 2012, Jeswaldo Sounds (ASCAP)