1. Judas

From the recording A Plea For Dreamland

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Mixed by Rafi Sofer at Q Division
Produced by Jason Myles Goss, Austin Nevins, Zack Hickman, and Joel Arnow
Mastered by Ian Kennedy at New Alliance


Judas thinks the world of you
He’ll steal your heart in the dark and he’ll pierce it through
For silver, gold, and diamond rings
No one bleeds like me when Judas sings

And like a wicked wind rumbling at your door
He’ll be charging like a devil in the holy wars
And like a spear dug deep in a soldier’s side
Like the thorn in the crown where the blood has dried

That’s where you will find Judas
Calling you a liar
Saying you can’t do this
Dragging you down in the fire

So play a fiddle for Rome
I’m standing on my own
Oh Judas, you’re the one
You’re the one, you’re the one
Who will fall