1. Peace of Mind

From the recording A Plea For Dreamland

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Peace of Mind

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Mixed by Rafi Sofer at Q Division
Produced by Jason Myles Goss, Austin Nevins, Zack Hickman, and Joel Arnow
Mastered by Ian Kennedy at New Alliance


Peace of mind, I’m trying to find
Just one more day, not one behind
I try to walk through the fire, live close to the rind
I keep losing myself trying to find peace of mind

Peace of mind, I try to define
Its like juggling knives when your eyes have gone blind
Well I can’t see the difference between the cruel and the kind
I’m lost in the mire, looking for a sign

Somewhere in the kingdom, they talk of silver, talk of gold
All these voices and no wisdom
There ain’t no wisdom truth be told
And now there’s nothing to hold on to
And you don’t even care
You’re running but you don’t want to
And you’re gasping for air
Moving through the crowd, I’m trying to find my way

Peace of mind, I’m walking down the line
Down a street full of sirens and no vacancy signs
Am I dreaming of love or am I knee deep in lies?
Am I staring at the real thing, or some clever disguise?

I saw it flashing on my TV screen
I watched the killers chase the clowns
They were shooting pistols made with magazines
Firing their gossip all around
Now is there anybody out there?
Is there anyone at all?
A thief, a judge, or a millionaire
A local hero we can call?

And I’m still haunted by the sounds out on Desolation Row
I see Baby Blue, he’s got his arms out and his chin tucked low
He’s swinging hammer in the fairgrounds, shouting that he will never die
He jumped the stage and pulled his mask down and they dropped the curtain on the fly
And then he was outside, he could hear the crowd, they were breaking down the door
They were screaming out for more

Peace of mind, I’m trying to find
I’m trying to find, this peace of mind