From the recording A Plea For Dreamland

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Mississippi Red

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Mixed by Rafi Sofer at Q Division
Produced by Jason Myles Goss, Austin Nevins, Zack Hickman, and Joel Arnow
Mastered by Ian Kennedy at New Alliance


I climbed out instead, through the back windows of your Chevy
Mississippi Red, like a bourbon you feel so heavy
Hanging in the air, like the flicker of your cigarette
Curling ‘round your hair, like the silver of your butterfly barrettes

Let me share your
Let me share your
Let me share your bed
Mississippi Red

Your daddy wrote you a letter that said you better not come back home no more
Because the bright lights of the city and temptation’s got you headed in the wrong direction
You hopped a train in Meridian, with your head dead set on those Hollywood skies
And now you’re running from another Casanova blackening your bluebird eyes

Let him share your
Let him share your
Let him share your bed
Mississippi Red

You’re dancing real slow
You hear the hollering of a drunk in the front row
You put the make-up on, you put the make-up on
But now there’s something wrong, there’s something wrong
Well honey now where else can you go?

Oh shake it like a fireball burning bright but under motel lights you’re looking so older
You bought a ticket for a bus back home, you’re growing so tired of looking over your shoulder
Take it down, oh take it down
Queen Jezebel won’t you swing those hips around
Won’t you stay around, to light the lonely and the pretty like the moon over this city

Let them share your
Let them share your
Let them share your bed
Mississippi Red