Jason's New Album To Be Released on July 11, 2015

May 1st, 2015

Jason's New Album To Be Released on July 11, 2015Jason releases his fifth album entitled, This Town Is Only Going To Break Your Heart, a gutsy and earnest collection of songs which pull together many of Jason's disparate musical influences. If the opening rumblings of "Joplin," the album's first track, are surprising to listeners, his fans will surely understand, as Jason has made a habit out of pushing his writing towards new musical territory. The songs are stellar, the stories --gripping, vivid, and all his own. It is an album about the towns we love, the towns that shape who we are, and about kids growing up to have kids of their own. It's about TV re-runs, drug store parking lots, gas station lights, sleeping pills, first kisses, factory walls, and the ebb and flow of a story that is always compelling and always the same. Jason writes, "I have been at this for some years now--it's the best thing I've ever done. I feel like I have been waiting to make this album since I began writing music."