First Night of (hopefully!) New Series: "Young Forever"

September 23rd, 2019

First Night of (hopefully!) New Series: Young Forever—these are the songs we scribbled inside our Trapper Keepers and on the toe caps of our Converse Ones when we were brace-faced and bad haircut-laden; these are the songs we sang softly to ourselves when we were stood up on prom night and sitting in the parking lot of the roller skating rink drinking Dr. McGillicuddy's.

Young Forever showcases three artists performing their own songs along with 3-4 covers of songs that first inspired them to write and play music.

These are not the songs you’ll find on their typical set lists, these are the linchpins of their teenage rock and roll dreams and the ones they keep closest when no one’s looking.

For the first time at Pete's Candy Store and featuring:

Jason Myles Goss, W.C. Beck and Swimming Bell